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Welcome to French Food Market !

If you are passionate about France, French food and authentic French products, then this website is made just for you. French Food Market is part of My French Neighbor, our boutique store located in Orlando, which offers a wide range of French items. French Food Market is a unique on-line store specializing in carefully chosen gourmet specialties.


We’d like to tell you more about our roots and our professional background -- we have much more to offer and to share than the simple fact of being French! 


Both of us were born and grew up in the Southeast of France near Lyon, a city renowned worldwide for its fabulous food and its excellent wine. Quite naturally, our whole lives have been devoted to the French “Art de Vivre”.

Before we decided to settle in Florida with our three children, we worked hard (but always Lyon capitale of French cuisinewith immense pleasure) on acquiring extensive expertise in the wine and food areas.  At the famous wine University of Suze La Rousse, we followed an intense and comprehensive training in wines and oenology. Truth is, wine goes with good food.  Consequently, once we both graduated from Suze La Rousse, we decided to broaden our skills. We then had many training sessions with famous French chefs (fond memories with Régis Marcon…) exploring the secrets of fine cuisine.  At the same time, we learned about the outstanding ingredients chefs use to create recipes the whole world regards with envy and admiration.


We have made this old French saying our own: “la cuisine commence au marché “ (cuisine starts in the market). Any professional will tell you:  high-quality ingredients are the key to successful cuisine. That’s the reason we are so vigilant when selecting products. Only the most excellent pass the test! We go to France and visit our suppliers personally several times a year. We won’t let anyone do it for us. We check the quality of each product we buy and make sure it is the very best. Thanks to a close and long-time partnership with our suppliers, we guarantee the top-quality of each item you purchase from us.


Most of our products are delicious as they are. Many of them are also the starting point to extraordinary French recipes. It’s our pleasure to give you ideas about how to use them for cooking fantastic dishes. Please visit “Our French recipes” section. Not only are these recipes fabulous. They are also easy to make! All you need are the right ingredients… and a little work - just a little, we promise!


Thank you for visiting our website. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question. We’ll be happy to answer you.


Bon appétit et à bientôt!

Daphnée et Sylvain Perret